The Monte Piottino trail

From Dalpe to Dazio Grande

A walk up the Valle Leventina through the Bedrina nature reserve and the Gole del Piottino gorge. Enjoy a trip with plenty to discover amidst woods, history and natural splendour. 

The “Piottino Trail” sets off from Dalpe (stop “Dalpe, Villaggio”) and provides visitors with the chance to discover the area’s natural beauty and to gain an insight into local history thanks to information and viewing points. At the Bedrina nature reserve, you can admire the wealth of biodiversity, observe the microcosm of a peat bog of national importance and awaken your senses by following the trail barefoot. In the woods towering above the Gole del Piottino gorge, there are precious traces of the ancient “Way of the Gentiles”, such as Dazio Grande, once used as a customs post and a place to rest before embarking on the road towards the Gotthard Pass. After completing the trail, you can take the return journey from the nearby stop of “Rodi, Dazio Grande”.

Journey details

Duration 3 hours
Difficulty easy
Distance 6.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 110 Metres
Arrival Stop “Dalpe, Villaggio”
Return travel Stop “Rodi, Dazio Grande”

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Timetable / travel information

Timetable for the journey to the “Dalpe, Villaggio” stop.

Timetable for the return journey from the “Rodi, Dazio Grande” stop.


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