Moosalp Routes: Bürchen–Moosalp Route


Discover the Bürchen–Moosalp Route from Visp; and the charming and original Bürchen mountain village together with extraordinary natural beauty of the Moosalp hiking and adventure landscapes.

The Bürchen–Moosalp Route leads from Visp to the delightful and traditional Bürchen mountain village, and on through the attractive Moosalp hiking region. And from Visp, numerous additional excursion possibilities lead the way to the Upper Valais.  (PostBus stop Visp, Bahnhof Süd). Friday afternoon is the time and day to visit the cosy atmosphere of the «Pürumärt“» farmers’ market.  A tour around the small Old Town with its numerous sights is also well worth the time.

You reach Bürchen over country roads lined with trees and vines. And once there, a beautiful skiing area, comprising cross-country tracks, snow-shoe trails and sled runs comes into view; which extends as far as the Moosalp (PostBus stop Bürchen, Station). The village has its own special charm with its small alleyways and authentic character. And of course the elevated Moosalp provides unforgettable sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and Rhonetal valley (PostBus stop Moosalp). Long and beautiful hikes are another way to discover the surrounding beauty, thanks to a close-knitted network of excellent hiking paths. The «Szenen am Weg des Wassers» (water scenes) theme path speaks for itself - and not only represents a scenic highlight, but an informative experience with plenty of information about water and the Rhone source. In fact, the Moosalp has something for all active fans- from short walks to high-alpine tours and all sorts of excursions. Furthermore, the extraordinary high and lowland moors are protected, hence providing a natural habitat for rare species of plants and animals. Summer sees special sights, such as the Alpaufzug (Alps ascension to the summer grazing pastures), cow fights and Alpine festivals.  And with a connection to Törbel village visitors can enjoy a magnificent round trip. (PostBus stop Moosalp).

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