Moosalp Routes: Törbel–Moosalp Route


The Törbel–Moosalp-Route leads over the characteristic Törbel village to the Moosalp nature reserve and hikers’ paradise – and the promise of enchanting landscapes.

The Törbel–Moosalp Route, from Stalden, presents views of the characteristic Törbel village before moving on to Moosalp, and what one could rightly describe as adventure land and hikers’ paradise.

Stalden is no unknown spot, and a popular stop on the tourist route to Saas-Fee and Zermatt (PostBus stop Stalden-Saas). From here, you then proceed on the sunny southern slopes, making your way up to Törbel (PostBus stop Törbel, Post). Narrow lanes and blackened, sunburnt wooden balconies distinguish this location as typical Valais mountain village.  And pleasingly, the «Urchigs Terbil» association maintain and revive the old and traditional community buildings such as the ancient mill. Several hiking paths lead from here to the region’s various ski pistes (PostBus stop Z’Nivu, Skilift) with direct connection to the Bürchen-Moosalp skiing resort.

And of course the Moosalp presents breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain summits and Rhone Valley. (PostBus stop Moosalp). And why not discover the region of foot along the dense network of hiking paths; for example on the scenic water theme path leading from the Moosalp to Visp that offers a wealth of information as well as beautiful hike. All sorts of long, short and high-alpine hikes are possible on the well marked hiking trails.  And the natural beauty of the protected high and lowland moors, along with views of rare animal and plant species, add to the healthy enjoyment. Summer offers additional highlights with the Alpine procession to summer grazing pastures for animals, traditional cow fights and colourful, traditional festivities. And with a convenient connection from here to Bürchen (PostBus stop Moosalp), organising your own scenic round trip couldn’t be easier!


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Discover the Törbel–Moosalp region of foot along a well marked network of hiking paths.