Muri Abbey

A baroque jewel

Muri Abbey is one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Switzerland. With its bell towers atop the hilly landscape of Freiamt, it can be seen from miles away. Founded in 1027 by the Habsburgs, the abbey is closely linked to the history of the Habsburg family. 

Take a look behind the once closed monastery walls and learn interesting facts about the life of the abbots and monks. The abbey features an impressive central dome building, the Octagon, which is the largest in Switzerland. Marvel at the famous Renaissance stained glass in the cloisters. The Loreto chapel is home to the Habsburg crypt where the hearts of the last two Austrian emperors are interred. 

Museum Caspar Wolf

Caspar Wolf (1735–1783), born in Muri and sponsored by Muri Abbey, is today considered the most important Swiss landscape painter of the 18th century. The museum honours this major Swiss artist with a special, dedicated exhibit, which is the most comprehensive presentation of his works in the world. 

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