Museum Reusskraftwerk Bremgarten

Hydroelectric power as a driver of industrialization

The restored Reusskraftwerk hydroelectric plant in Bremgarten shows how the power of water was used for industrial purposes. It also delves into how mechanical energy is converted into electrical power.

The painstakingly restored hydroelectric plant on the Reussinsel is Bremgarten’s must-see museum for all lovers of technology. 

Its exhibition spaces include demonstrations of how energy was produced from hydroelectric power and what the energy was used for. It also shows how the water mill developed from the Middle Ages through to the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century. Old machinery reminds us of a time when electricity was a revolutionary innovation. The installations are explained and presented in the machine room. Attention is also given to the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical power. 

The original hydroelectric plant is in operation for demonstration purposes. But only if the Reuss River level is high enough. Viewings are therefore only possible by pre-booking. 

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Museum Reusskraftwerk Bremgarten
c/o Kraftwerk Bremgarten Zufikon
Ringstrasse 7
5620 Bremgarten