Napf–Romoos Route

From Wolhusen to Romoos and Romoos-Holzwäge

Take the number 221 Napf–Romooser route to discover the Napfbergland with its long-standing tradition of charcoal making, the unique nature of the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere and the “Dach des Emmentals”, the unique vantage point atop the Napf mountain with its panoramic views.

Postbus route 221 Napf–Romoos takes you from Wohlhusen to Romoos, an ideal starting point for excursions up the Napf mountain and one of the seven villages in the Association of Swiss Communes of the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere. The Postbus trip takes around 20 minutes and leaves at hourly intervals every day. Wohlhusen is a transport hub which is well connected to Berne and Lucerne and a starting point for various trips in the Napf mountain range taking you up close to the heart of the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere. Wohlhusen is home to the ruins of the “Äussere Burg”, or outer castle, an attractive recreation ground for young and old alike. It features a signposted forest educational trail introducing you to the secrets of the forest. The “Äussere Burg” is also a starting point for a circular hiking trail leading to the historically significant sites in the area (Postbus stop Wohlhusen, Bahnhof, hike time approx. 4 hours and 30 minutes). Doppelschwand is also part of the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere. Get to know the aromatic regional cheeses at the speciality cheese dairy (Postbus stop Doppelschwand, Swiss Post).

In Romoos, children can discover a world of play adventures in the exciting Zyberliland nature play park, which guarantees an unforgettable experience for kids and their parents. Romoos is the last place in Switzerland where charcoal is still made by hand. On the charcoal trail from Romoos you can watch the charcoal makers at work. Tiny gold flakes float around the Fontanne riverbed, just waiting to be fished out in your gold pan (Postbus stop Romoos, Swiss Post). On a wonderful hike through blossoming meadows you reach the highest panoramic mountain between Emmental and Entlebuch, the Napf at 1,408 m above sea level. The views around the Berne Alps, Jura Mountains and the Central Plateau are unique. The cosy Napf mountain hotel can only be reached by foot or mountain bike by nature lovers looking for relaxation.


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