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Neeracherried BirdLife Nature Center

On the trail of cuckoos and lapwings

Take a close look through your binoculars while sitting in the observation huts or out on the nature trails: there’s lots to see at the BirdLife Nature Center.

All the birds are here and waiting. Come and join them today! Experience the fascinating diversity of Neeracherried from up-close. Countless numbers of bird species, amphibians and insects call the Neeracherried BirdLife Nature Center home.

Via a walkway you will reach the two observation huts where you can comfortably observe kingfishers, lapwings, cuckoos and nightingales, depending on the season. Follow the two nature trails through the marsh and hear the frogs croak and the dragonflies buzz on your left and right. At Neeracherried there is always something to discover!

BirdLife: 50% off

BirdLife Nature Center
Visit the Neeracherried BirdLife Nature Center with an adult discount
  • Entry CHF 3.50 instead of CHF 7
  • 10-set of BirdLife postcards, value CHF 5
  • Offer valid until 31.10.2020
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