Novaggio: il Sentiero delle meraviglie

Delving into the past

A trip in search of the wonders of the past, including mills, mines, manors and forges. The region’s architectural and cultural heritage can be explored on a hike through the hills of Malcantone, passing through woods, meadows and picturesque villages. 

In Novaggio, a village in central Malcantone, there is a charming route called the “Path of marvels” on which visitors can discover many traces of the past. The way to this trail – a circular route of just over six kilometres (a two or three hour hike) – is well signposted from the “Novaggio, Posta” stop. The trail, which is ideal for families, provides an insight into the industries of the past, and passes close to the Magliasina stream. The trip explores what remains of the primary industries of past centuries – such as the growing and processing of cereals on terraced fields – as well as traces of other key areas of activity of the time, including mills, forges and mineral mines, which were commonplace in the region.

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Bus stop: «Novaggio, Posta»

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