Obertschappina–Safien Platz–Splügen/Vals

Glaspass, Safierberg or Tomülpass

This area offers great options to combine hikes across three passes: Glaspass, Safierberg, and Tomülpass. Thalkirch at the very end of the valley is where it all begins and ends.

Take the PostBus to Obertschappina, or as an alternative (in the summer only), ride it all the way up to Glaspass.

A hiking trail leads over/from Glaspass to Safien Platz. Now you have the option to take a PostBus and return to Versam, or you can continue to Thalkirch and spend the night at Turahus. From Thalkirch you have two exciting alternatives. You will have to choose between Tomülpass and Safierberg. Tomülpass will take you to Vals, while the hike over Safierberg ends in Splügen. You can catch a PostBus for your return trip in Vals as well as in Splügen, which makes it very easy to combine these hikes, either as day trips or multi-day walks.

Hiking time:
Obertschappina–Safien Platz approx. 2 ½ hours
Thalkirch–Vals approx. 5 hours
Thalkirch–Splügen approx. 5 hours
Level of difficulty: medium–difficult

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