Orchid Path Frienisberg

Attractive area full of orchids

Did you know that Frienisberg in the Swiss Mittelland is one of the areas with the most orchids? The Frienisberg region is home to about 30 different types of orchids. You may discover some on the Orchid Path.  

The purpose of this loop trail is to raise awareness for the protected plants. Simply follow the signs to the “Orchid Path” (Orchideenweg) in Meikirch (near the village fountain). Leaflets are provided at the beginning of the trail with a description of the route and the orchids growing in this region. Come see for yourself. It takes about an hour to walk the loop trail.

Travel details

Duration 1 hour
Difficulty easy
Distance 3.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 70 Metres
Arrival Take PostBus route 104 or 105 to Meikirch, Käserei or Post
Return travel Take PostBus route 104 or 105 from Meikirch, Käserei or Post

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Timetable / travel information

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Timetable no. 30.104 Bern–Meikirch–Wahlendorf
Timetable no. 30.105 Bern–Meikirch–Seedorf–Lyss

Route open all year

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Use the well-marked hiking trails to explore the Frienisberg region on foot

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