Panorama ride by public transport

With a postbus from Entlebuch across the Glaubenberg pass to Sarnen

Thanks to the good connections at the Langis bus stop, it is possible to make it a roundtrip ride to Sarnen and Lucerne.  

From 13 June to 1 November, PostBus will run from Entlebuch (Canton of Lucerne) over the Glaubenberg Pass to Langis (Canton of Obwalden) four times a day on weekends and public holidays and twice a day on Mondays to Fridays. 

Entlebuch, also called the wild West of Lucerne, is situated between Bern and Lucerne. Here we find the UNESCO biosphere of Entlebuch, Switzerland’s first biosphere reserve according to the criteria of Seville. On an area of 400 square kilometres, the Entlebuch biosphere contains the largest and most numerous moorlands in Switzerland as well as the largest natural forest reserve in the canton of Lucerne.


  • The natural forest reserve at Glaubenberg-Fürstein has marshy soil and is split up by larger and smaller moors. Visitors with a keen eye will be able to spot one of the smaller moors from the postbus shortly before reaching the summit of the Glaubenberg pass at 1540 m.a.s.l.   
  • Near the PostBus stop Gründli, a spectacular unobstructed view opens up to the Schimbrig and Hengst mountain tops. And with good weather conditions one can even see the lake of Sarnen and the central Alps from Langis.
  • The postbus from Entlebuch arrives just about at the same time as the yellow bus from Sarnen, which makes it possible to change buses without delay in both directions and enjoy a fabulous circular tour. 

Why not skip one or two buses in Langis and pass the time in between enjoying the beautiful nature sceneries between Langis and Schwendi-Kaltbad on a leisurely stroll, or taking a break in one of the local restaurants. 

The Glaubenberg pass is situated at an altitude of 1540 m.a.s.l. and is the starting point for numerous hiking tours in the largest natural forest reserve of the canton of Lucerne. Roli and his team cater to the visitors at the Passhöchi restaurant. They’re almost always there, but sometimes they’re not. Whoever plans to eat at their place should make sure to consult the precise opening hours. The postbus stops right on the pass.

Contact details

Glaubenberg Passhöhe
6063 Stalden

+41 41 675 02 22




The mountain restaurant Schwendi-Kaltbad is situated in the wild and romantic Schlieren valley in a splendid alpine landscape at 1440 m.a.s.l. and is a starting point for numerous hiking tours. In summer, it is open from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 h until evening.
From the PostBus stop Langis, the restaurant can be reached on a leisurely walk of approx. 20 minutes.

Contact details

Bergrestaurant Schwendi-Kaltbad
6063 Stalden

+41 41 675 21 41


Sections and duration of the ride

PostBus route 232: Entlebuch train station–Gfellen–Gründli–Glaubenberg pass–Langis, 19 min. 
PostBus route 344: Langis–Stalden–Sarnen train station, 41 min. 

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Timetable / travel information

You will find the entire Swiss public transport timetable online here.

Timetable: 60.323 Entlebuch–Langis
Timetable: 60.344 Langis–Sarnen

Route open from 13 June to 1 November


Reservations required for groups of 10 or more. Tel. +41 58 448 06 22

It pays off to travel together. Groups of at least 10 persons get a reduced rate. And what is more, for every ten persons, one passenger is free. We are happy to hear about your travel plans. To group reservations.

Group reservations for Sundays and Mondays must be requested up until Friday 12.00 noon at the latest. 

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Bicycle transport fixtures available in/on the vehicle.
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Registration of bicycle transport mandatory under: Tel. +41 58 448 06 22

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