Panoramic loop trail and power place Grimmiwasser

Stages of the hiking tour: Grimmialp, Hotel Spillgerten – Parking lot Senggiweid – Alp Erbs Grimmi – Iron water source Grimmi – Alp Uelis Grimmi – Top station Grimmialp

Beautiful panoramic mountain loop trail along Alp Grimmi to the power place Grimmiwasser with its red, ferrous source, small mountain lakes, and rare alpine flowers.

The power place Grimmiwasser is situated at an altitude of 1840 m.a.s.l. at the end of the Diemtig valley. The pleasant hiking trail leads through the forest up to Alp Grimmi in many curves. Fabulous panoramic views await you at Alp Grimmi, and the mountain restaurant Grimmi invites to take a break. While you enjoy the view, why not treat yourself to a delicious local dish or some fruit pie baked in a wood-fired oven.  

The power place Grimmiwasser with its red, ferrous source is situated between the two alps Erbs Grimmi and Uelis Grimmi, surrounded by clear mountain lakes and rare alpine flowers.  

You continue the hiking tour to Alp Stierenberg. At the mountain inn Stierenberg you can take another break and enjoy some more views, before you take the chairlift from the Grimmialp top station back to your point of departure. The chairlift operates only on weekends and if the weather is nice, so please inquire beforehand.  

You can also hike back down to your point of departure, which takes an additional hour. Alternatively, you walk from the Grimmialp top station in the opposite direction with a total hiking time of 2.15 hrs. 

The highlights of the panoramic loop trail are Alp Grimmi with its great panoramic views and mountain restaurant as well as the power place Grimmiwasser with its ferrous source.


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