Panoramic walk between Carona and Morcote

A magnificent view over the whole of Lake Lugano.

From Carona, the village of artists, to Morcote, one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. A walk amidst fairytale forests and breathtaking views.

At the “Carona, Paese” stop, take a quick look around the picturesque village before setting off on a delightful, easy walk to Morcote which takes about two and a half hours. After passing the fascinating San Grato botanic gardens, admire a succession of splendid panoramic views and equally magnificent forests. In around one hour, you will reach Alpe Vicania, where visitors can hold and stroke the animals. From here, the path leading to Morcote is made up of a series of steps. There are said to be over a thousand of them! Come and see for yourself! Once you get to Morcote, on the shores of the lake, the Mediterranean beauty of the setting will soon help you to forget all the hard work needed to get there. To round off the day, Parco Scherrer, also known as the “Garden of Wonders”, is well worth a visit. The most convenient way to make the return journey is by Postbus from the “Morcote, Piazza Grande” or “Morcote, Parco Scherrer” stop.

Journey details

Duration 2 hours 30 min
Difficulty easy
Distance 7.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 275 Metres
Arrival “Carona, Paese” stop
Return travel “Morcote, Piazza Grande” or “Morcote, Parco Scherrer” stop

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Timetable / travel information

Timetable for the journey to the “Carona, Paese” stop.

Timetable for the return journey from the “Morcote, Piazza Grande” stop.


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