Parc Ela

Switzerland’s largest nature park

At the heart of Graubünden in the landscape of the Albula, Julier and Septimer Passes lies Parc Ela. Attracting visitors with its unspoilt nature and rich cultural heritage, it bears witness to thousands of years of trade and exchange between the north and south.

There are nine villages of national significance, castles and numerous churches including the former 8th century monastery church in Mistail just waiting to be discovered. Parc Ela is no museum, however. There are 5,500 people living and working here with a cultural diversity reflected in the languages they speak: Romansh, Italian and German. Thousands of years of trading across the passes have characterized the landscape and culture of Parc Ela. The stately houses give you an idea of the prosperity that was enjoyed by the waggoners and confectioners.

Three moorlands of national significance, dry meadows covered with flowers, alpine tundra: in Parc Ela, you can see the diversity of nature in an area spanning more than 548 km 2. A quarter of this area is protected as a special habitat. 19 municipalities in the valley communities of Albula and Surses are working together to develop the nature park and help conserve the nature and landscape, boost the economy and make guests and locals aware of environmental issues.

Savognin, the capital of the Surses valley, extends along both sides of the river Julia and is connected by a romantic medieval bridge. The village is characterized by three imposing churches. The famous painter Giovanni Segantini (in Surses from 1886-1894) noticed the unique natural beauty of this valley. The pleasant climate with a strong southern influence is characterized by its relative dryness and many sunny days.

Hikes and sightseeing

1,080 kilometres of well-marked hiking trails guide hikers through gorges and along ridges, across meadows and through sparse, stony landscapes through Parc Ela. We recommend Alp Flix – a treasure island of biodiversity, and the Exploratour – a hike from the continent to the ocean. Explore the pioneers’ trail – hike through the Crap Furò nature reserve in Surava to the geographic centre of Graubünden or visit Alvaneu and take in the views on the sun terrace in Albula Valley. You can also set off from Alvaneu Bad and make your way to the famous viaduct in Filisur. For those interested in history, we suggest the ruins of Belfort castle in Brienz/Brinzauls; one of the most historically significant castle ruins in Graubünden.

The Bergün and Wiesen valleys in Parc Ela also offer a range of things to do and see.

Would you prefer a guided tour?

In addition to themed trails, Parc Ela also offers a wide range of guided excursions.

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