Park Seleger Moor

A favourite place in nature

Seeing plants and animals awake from their winter slumber is reason enough to visit the Seleger Moor Park in Rifferswil. And not just for garden and nature lovers. 

Seleger Moor Park is an ideal place to relax amid the stunning blossom. Hundreds of thousands of rhododendron and azalea flowers will enthral you with their bright colours. The park’s founder, Robert Seleger, bred many of them himself.

Depending on the weather, the peonies create an explosion of colour as early as April. The blossoming rhododendrons will be a source of delight throughout May and June, with the “Weinlese” variety even flowering into the late autumn. The colourful water lilies will be a joy to the eyes and soul until August. With its many shades of green, the mystical fern garden has a contrasting, calming effect on your senses. In the autumn, the warm light and autumn leaves create a magical mood in the park.

Along with a large number of maze-like trails, a three-kilometre long, wheelchair-accessible path crosses the park. The park café offers delicious refreshments for a break along the way. Families will enjoy the barbecue site for their picnic.

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Take the S5 or S14 to Affoltern am Albis. From there, continue with bus 223 to “Rifferswil, Seleger Moor”.


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Park Seleger Moor
Seleger Moor Strasse
8911 Rifferswil