From Parpan to the Schanfigg Valley

Churerjoch is the high point of this hike. It overlooks Chur, nestled in a beautiful natural setting, where the trip starts and ends.

The goal of this hike is to cross over from one valley in central Grisons into the next. A relaxing PostBus ride takes you from Chur to Parpan where the hike starts. It begins on a small road at a leisurely pace via Oberberg and Capätsch up to the Churerjoch which offers amazing views. The descent passes through alpine meadows and wooded areas flooded with light to Furgglis. Hopefully you will have time to stop at the restaurant for some cool refreshments before you go on to Tschiertschen. The Schanfigg Valley is so pleasant that you will find it difficult to leave when the PostBus arrives to drive you back to Chur.

Hiking time: approx. 3 ½ hours
Level of difficulty: easy


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Timetable 90.182: from Chur to Parpan

Timetable 90.042: from Tschiertschen to Chur

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Timetable 90.182: Not all journeys are wheelchair accessible
Timetable 90.042: Not all journeys are wheelchair accessible
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