Partnership between the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation and PostBus

Eight short hikes following a day at work

Discover eight short hikes with PostBus; be one of the first to experience the new PostBus Cabriolet – the first in 40 years!

You can conveniently get to your departure point and back by postbus!


Map of trails
Binn-Niederernen – Valais Through the rugged Twingi Gorge
Charterhouse– Schwarzsee-La Valsainte – Western Switzerland Vom Schwarzsee zur Kartause La Valsainte
Salhöhe-Aarau – Mittelland (Central Plateau) Über die Wasserflue nach Aarau
Fuchsenried, Mühlebergwerk-Aarberg – Bern Feierabendwanderung in den Hügeln von Bern
Alp Sellamatt-Oberdorf – North-eastern Switzerland Auf dem Klangweg Toggenburg
Flims Waldhaus, Camping (mountain hike) – South-eastern Switzerland Die Senda Ruinaulta
Carona-Montagnola – Ticino Von Carona nach Montagnol
Buchberg-Dorf – Zurich/Eastern Switzerland Spargeln und Reben im Zürcher Weinland