Passwang Route

Zwingen–Erschwil–Beinwil SO–Passwang–Mümliswil–Balsthal

The Passwang Route takes you from Zwingen to the Passwang mountain ridge and down to the beautiful Thal region and Balsthal.

The Passwang Route passes through the scenic Jura mountains of the Basel and Solothurn countryside and across the Passwang.

In Zwingen, a well-preserved castle sits on an island in the Birs (PostBus stop Zwingen, Railway Station).

A natural swimming facility in Breitenbach beckons you to take refreshing a dip (PostBus stop Breitenbach, Village).

Neu-Thierstein is a castle high above Büsserach (PostBus stop Büsserach, Alte Mühle).

The Benedictine monastery Beinwil houses a museum and regularly arranges cultural events (PostBus stop Beinwil, Monastery).

The Hohe Winde ski lifts promise fun in the snow for the whole family (PostBus stop Beinwil, Schachen).

The new Passwang road takes you across the Jura mountain ridge to Ramiswil offering magnificent views of the Alps. A beautiful hike leads from Passwang to Wasserfallen, where you can take a gondola to Reigoldswil. Behind an impressive Renaissance façade is the historic mill of Ramiswil (PostBus stop Ramiswil, Mühle).

Mümliswil is home to a comb museum (PostBus station Ramiswil, Comb Factory).

Balsthal is the center of the Thal regional nature park between Holderbank and Gänsbrunnen. Alt-Falkenstein Castle, now a museum (PostBus station Balsthal, Thalbrücke), and the ruins of Neu-Falkenstein (PostBus station Mümliswil, Sankt Wolfgang) are Balsthal’s landmarks. A nostalgic steam train takes you from Balsthal to Oensingen.

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Explore the area of the Passwang Routes on foot on the Weissenstein-Passwang Trail Stage 2 Welschenrohr-Passwang


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