Perimuk adventures in Argovia Jurapark

On a journey of discovery with the little Jura dinosaur

Perimuk has exciting adventures in store for young visitors to Argovia Jurapark. Children can find their way using images on an orienteering map. Along the route, there are all sorts of things to discover and puzzles to solve. 

There are four Perimuk trails: at Cheisacher, in Wölflinswil, in Herznach and in Biberstein. Take the photo card out of the dispenser at each of the starting points and let the adventure begin! 

On the Cheisacher Perimuk trail, you will get to know some forest dwellers: the little men known as the Härdmännli, Spitzzahn the marten and Borschti the wild boar. The aim is to help find Papa Perimuk’s four children, whom he lost in a storm. 
Starting point in Ampfernhöhe: Mönthal, Unterdorf PostBus stop

Perimuk’s friend Mr Glögglifrosch lives in Wölflinswil. Solve the animal puzzle and crack the secret code! This will allow you to open the safe at the end of the trail. What has Mr Glögglifrosch hidden in it?
Starting point: Wölflinswil, Dorfplatz PostBus stop

The discovery tour in Herznach leads young researchers to nature’s hidden treasures. At the Weichle excavation site on the Iron Trail, there are even genuine fossils to be found. 
Starting point: Herznach, Post PostBus stop

Somewhere above Biberstein, Perimuk’s friends are hiding in the forest. Anyone who finds them all will win a Perimuk syrup. But how many are there?
Starting point: Biberstein, Dorf bus stop

Detailed information on each tour can be found on the Argovia Jurapark website.

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