Pfyn-Finges Nature Park


Mudflows and the young River Rhone created this landscape, with its wild valleys, year-round snows, hints of the Mediterranean – and plenty of culture, too.

Hiking through Pfynwald

A spectacular hike through the Pfynwald. Come and explore the attractions in this lovely conservation area.

Route: Leuk–Siders
Hiking time >4 hrs.
Length 13.5 km
Level technique / condition Easy / Medium
Altitude difference ascent 380 m
Altitude difference descent 450 m

Additional information

The regional Pfyn-Finges nature park includes a considerable number of protected areas of national significance. The most well-known is Pfynwald with the wild Rotten river between Leuk and Siders. Make sure you follow all signs and directions. Also, while in this area, please stay on the marked trails and do not swim in the ponds. Plants, flowers and bushes are there to be enjoyed, not to be pulled out. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Remember to carry all waste out with you. Fires in Pfynwald are strictly prohibited! Thank you for helping us to protect this magnificent area.


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Naturpark Pfyn-Finges
Postfach 65
3970 Salgesch

+41 27 452 60 60


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