With the postbus through Jurapark Aargau

A wide variety of interesting events will take place in the region nature park, Jurapark Aargau, throughout the year. For example, travel along the gourmet road or join one of the many guided hikes.

The region nature park, Jurapark Aargau, offers many exciting activities for young and old. And Perimuk, the Jurasaurus can’t wait to see your kids!

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Timetable information

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Timetable 50.089 (Möhlin–Wegenstetten)
Timetable 50.102 (Gelterkinden–Kienberg–Salhöhe)
Timetable 50.135 (Laufenburg–Frick–Herznach–Aarau)
Timetable 50.136 (Frick–Wölflinswil–Aarau)
Timetable 50.137 (Frick–Bözen–Elfingen–Effingen–Brugg)
Timetable 50.139 (Herznach–Zeihen–Effingen)
Timetable 50.141 (Laufenburg–Sulz–Obersulz)
Timetable 50.142 (Laufenburg–Hottwil–Gansingen–Brugg)
Timetable 50.143 (Laufenburg–Kaisten–Sisseln–Stein)
Timetable 50.371 (Brugg–Schinznach Dorf–Thalheim)
Timetable 50.374 (Brugg–Mönthal)
Timetable 50.376 (Brugg–Villigen PSI–Döttingen)
Timetable 50.379 (Wildegg–Auenstein–Schinznach Dorf)


Route with obligatory reservations (see timetable). Reservations are required for groups of 10 or more; phone +41 58 667 13 60

Travel dates/Validity

Route open all year
Travel-date details/validity: view timetable/timetable information

Contact details

Region Northern Switzerland/Aarau Branch
Bahnhofstrasse 61
P. O. Box
5001 Aarau

+41 58 667 13 60

+41 58 667 39 61



Telephone information

Monday to Friday: 08 a.m. - 12 noon and 1.15 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Bicycle transport

Limited number of bicycle transport fixtures in/on the vehicle

Special comments:
Bicycle transport available, space is limited, reservations are required: phone +41 58 667 13 60.

Wheelchair accessibility

Limited wheelchair access to the postbus

Special comments:
Not all vehicles are wheelchair-accessible. For information call +41 58 667 13 60.