Rhine Gorge Ticket

A wild gorge with a raging river, steep white walls and extensive forests. The Ruinaulta-Rhine Gorge between Ilanz and Reichenau is one of the most magnificent and varied landscapes in the Alps. The PostBus stops and RhB stations are departure points for beautiful hikes and mountainbike tours.

Special offer and travel information

The Rhine Gorge Ticket is a 2nd class day pass for any number of journeys by rail or postbus in the Ruinaulta region. 

Rhine Gorge Ticket Chur: valid on the RhB lines Chur–Ilanz and Chur–Bonaduz, on the PostBus services Chur–Trin–Flims–Falera–Ilanz, Ilanz–Versam and Versam–Tenna as well as on the bus Imschlacht–Laax.

Rhine Gorge Ticket Flims: valid on the RhB line Trin–Ilanz, on the PostBus services Tamins–Flims–Falera–Ilanz, Ilanz–Versam and Versam–Tenna as well as on the bus Imschlacht–Laax.

Children up to age 16 travel free with a Junior Card or Children’s Co-Travelcard.


Ticket Adults Half-fare travel card Children
Chur CHF 40.00 CHF 20.00 CHF 20.00
Flims CHF 24.00 CHF 13.00 CHF 13.00

You can purchase the Rhine Gorge Ticket from the Postbus driver or online in the RhB shop.

Rhine Gorge Tickets must be validated prior to the first journey.

Additional information

Timetable / travel information

You will find the entire Swiss public transport timetable online here.

Timetable no. 90.081 (Chur-Domat/Ems-Tamins-Flims)
Timetable no. 90.401 (Versam-Safien–Tenna)
Timetable no. 90.404 (Laax-Valendas-Imschlacht)
Timetable no. 90.411 (Ilanz-Laax-Flims)
Timetable no. 90.403 (Ilanz-Versam Dorf)
Timetable no. 920 (Chur-Ilanz)
Timetable no. 940 (Chur-Bonaduz)

Route open all year

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Bahnhof Ilanz
7130 Ilanz