Rope Park Engadine, Sur En

Fun for the entire family

Dexterity, strength and endurance are what it takes in the Rope Park Engadine. After an adventure-filled day, a PostBus will take you safely back to your starting point.

Between late May and late October, the Rope Park Engadine is the place to be for outdoor enthusiasts. The park offers a special kind of nature adventure. Experience the forest from an entirely new perspective and test your courage and your skills in this magnificent untouched spot.

Six different courses have been integrated into the park, each at a different height and suitable for different skill levels. There is something for everybody. It takes agility, muscle and stamina to master every course. Come see for yourself. The Rope Park Engadine offers lots of fun for families, a group of friends, or a club outing and is easy to reach by PostBus from Scuol.

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