Rotating Napoleon adventure playground

A new adventure playground on the Menzberg

The new Rotating Napoleon adventure playground was developed on the “Hubel”, a scenic hill blessed with evening sun. The site is dedicated to the subject of “What Napoleon had to do with the Menzberg people?”

A cosy wood cabin with sun terrace, plenty of seating, weather-proof fire-place and firewood leaves nothing to be desired. With the help of wood toys, the kids can solve the mystery around Napoleon and the Menzberg. A path leads to an idyllically located toilet in the forest and to a water catchment (no drinking water).

The adventure playground can be reserved and rented for special events. It is a 30-minute walk (1,3km) from the Abzw. Oberlehn stop, where free parking is also available. On the way back, the Gutenegg stop can be reached in 15 minutes (900m). Another adventure site called “Ofenloch Rutsche” is a 25-minute walk away, and from there the nearest bus stop (Buchensäge) can be reached in 15 minutes.

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