San Bernardino Pass–Bellinzona/San Bernardino Pass–Thusis

Bike route 6, SwissMobile

A bike trail in the footsteps of muleteers. Regardless whether you’re heading north or south, an exciting discovery by bike awaits you.

The Mesolcina Valley, the San Bernardino Pass and the Hinterrhein Valley are much more than merely a way across the Alps. Once you’ve crossed the San Bernardino Pass (change in Hinterrhein, Tunnel Nordportal or S. Bernardino, Posta) by Postbus, you are spoilt for choice as to whether to continue to the north or to the south. Heading south, you drop 2,000 vertical metres with just a few turns of the pedals. The mild southern atmosphere beckons, the asphalt simmers, and your wheels glow. Bellinzona – your destination – is in sight. To the north, you follow in the footsteps of muleteers through the villages of Hinterrhein and Nufenen to Splügen. Then on via Sufers through the Roffla Gorge to the spa village of Andeer. The last highlight on this tour to Thusis is the Viamala Gorge, which follows just after Zillis.

San Bernardino Pass–Thusis
Length: 47 km
Height difference: 280 m

San Bernardino Pass–Bellinzona
Length: 56 km
Height difference: 100 m

Grade: easy


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Express routes: seat reservation mandatory at least one hour prior to departure from Chur and Bellinzona.
Online reservation

For groups of 10 and more, seat reservations are necessary for all journey legs.
Tel. +41 58 341 34 89.

Travel dates/Validity

Route not open all year
Travel-date details/validity: view timetable/timetable information

Special comments:
The Pass Tour (via S. Bernardino, Ospizio) operates in the summer season

Bicycle transport

Bicycle transport fixtures available in/on the vehicle

Special comments:
Bike transport limited, especially on express routes. As an alternative, regional buses running between Thusis-San Bernardino-Bellinzona (timetable 90.541) can be used. For connections between Chur and Thusis, please use the Rhätische Bahn.

There is no guarantee of transportation. During the summer months, there is increased capacity for bicycle transportation. It is not possible to make reservations for bikes.

Wheelchair accessibility

Limited wheelchair access to the postbus

Special comments:
Not all services are wheelchair-accessible. For information, please call +41 58 341 34 89


Bike route 6

Section 5 Thusis–Splügen
Section 6 Splügen–S. Bernardino
Section 7 S. Bernardino–Bellinzona

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