Schwägalp Route

Urnäsch–Schwägalp (Route 791) / Nesslau–Schwägalp (Route 792)

The Schwägalp Route takes you from Urnäsch or Nesslau to Schwägalp, where you can ride a gondola up to the peak of Mt. Säntis and enjoy unparalleled views.

The Schwägalp Route starts in Urnäsch in the Canton of Appenzell, or from Nesslau in Toggenburg, and of course leads up to the Schwägalp. In the picturesque town of Urnäsch tradition plays an important role. Visit the Museum of Appenzell Customs to learn more about it (PostBus stop Urnäsch, Taube).

Explore the gently rolling hills around Urnäsch on foot or on cross-country skis. Downhill skiing is also available. Experience local farming life up close on one of the guest farms and on the agricultural theme path to the Schwägalp. On the Schwägalp (PostBus stop Schwägalp) you meet with the Schwägalp/Säntis natural adventure park with a variety of hiking trails and theme paths, together with interesting geology rock park. In the alpine show dairy you learn the secrets behind cheese - and the enchanting Schwägalp winter scenery is just perfect for activities such as winter hikes, tobogganing, or making your way along the romantic Laternliweg.

A gondola takes you up to Mt. Säntis where breathtaking views open up. Enjoy the sights from the Panorama Restaurant, the protected observation hall or along the paths on the peak, and take a look at the mineral exhibit to discover the treasures of the mountains. Following an action-packed day, the “Säntis – das Hotel“ invites you to a cosy atmosphere - or the Gasthaus Passhöhe to a place where you feel at home. From Schwägalp you can continue on to Nesslau in the Toggenburg Valley where you might want to visit the old bone mill or the baroque monastery church (PostBus stop Nesslau-Neu St.Johann, Railway Station).

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