Schwarzbubenland Routes

Nunningen–Bretzwil–Seewen SO–Grellingen 116/111 / Nunningen–Himmelried–Grellingen 117

The Schwarzbubenland Routes take you from Nunningen to Grellingen, either via Bretzwil and Seewen, or via Himmelried. Enjoy the ride through wooded hills, delightful valleys and past impressive castle ruins along the way.

The Schwarzbubenland Routes travel through the lovely hills of this region from Nunningen to Grellingen. In Nunningen you could go rock climbing at Balmkopf or Rütenen or use one of the many hiking trails. A stroll to the beautiful St. Fridli water fall is also very enjoyable. Be sure to visit the small village museum in Nunningen (PostBus stop Nunningen, Post Office). The Nunningen–Himmelried Route takes you via Himmelried to Grellingen. Stop in at the Bierhüsli Himmelried brewery for a cool Chastelbach beer fresh from the tap (PostBus stop Himmelried, Village). Seewen SO is reached via Bretzwil on the Nunningen–Bretzwil Route. Not far from Bretzwil you will find the remains of Ramstein Castle. Seewen has a museum for music boxes and a tractor museum (PostBus stop Seewen (Canton Solothurn), Herrenmatt). If rock climbing is your passion, the Pelz-Mühletal climbing walls near Seewen are for you. Take route 116 from Seewen to get back to Grellingen. Two monumental railway bridges cross the Birs River west of Grellingen in a narrow part of the valley. On a pleasant hike from Grellingen via Roderis to Meltingen through the thickly wooded Kaltbrunnen valley, you will see the bridges as well as the so-called heraldic rock. You will also come across prehistoric caves. Because of Grellingen’s setting between mountains and lowland and the presence of a lot of water, this area is home to rare animals and plants. Grellingen is also a starting point for hiking trips to the castles of the Schwarzbubenland.

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Timetable no. 50.116
Timetable no. 50.117

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Explore the area of the Schwarzbubenland Routes on foot on the well-marked hiking trail system.


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