The secret circuit of Delémont

Discover Delémont or see it in a whole new light by visiting six of the city’s iconic sites.

Discover the capital of the canton of Jura with the help of a digital key and route 1 on the Transports Urbains Delémontains network and visit six of the city’s iconic sites, such as the Porte au Loup, the bell tower of Saint Marcel’s church and the castle guardhouse. Each site is brought to life with cartoon-style projections created by Dexter Maurer, a talented artist from the Jura.

Equipped with a key, you are your own guide as you visit Delémont’s lesser known sites. So you can start your tour wherever you like − there’s no set route.

There is a recommended route though which is as follow:

  • SBB station
  • Porte au Loup
  • The games library alleyway
  • The old washhouse of Delémont castle
  • The bell tower of St Marcel’s church
  • Cras des Moulins telephone box


Price per person

  • Adult: CHF 9
  • Child 7 to 16: CHF 6
  • Student/AHV/IV: CHF 8

Prices for groups

  • Discount for groups of 10 to 20 people: 10%
  • Discount for groups of 20 or more people: 40%

Benefit from a 20% discount for one person with the JURA-PASS.
Enjoy a 20% discount for one person with Club BCJ.

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