Power place Heiligkreuz

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Heiligkreuz is a place of pilgrimage and power in the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch. Those seeking relaxation will find a wide range of sporting activities or peace and quiet in unspoilt nature. A visit to one of the many theme trails serves as a special source of strength. 

After the Lothar storm in 1999, the Heiligkreuz care organisation abandoned the traditional use of wood in its forest at Hundsboden and created the Seelensteg theme trail.

The Seelensteg is laid out as a circular path and leads over wooden footbridges and stairs through a fairytale blueberry and fern forest with unique life images.  It is meant to be a balancing element to compensate for a hectic multimedia world. The Seelensteg footpath can be walked individually or with a guided tour.

As a complement or alternative, there’s also a health trail and a power tree.

The health trail, like the Seelensteg, is located in the Hundsboden area below Heiligkreuz. Here, walking barefoot can be experienced in a new and sensual way. On the narrow path, your feet perceive very different things: pine needles, soft moss, warm and humid mud and more.

The power tree is a sycamore maple and a true giant. It is several hundred years old and has formed a crown thirty metres wide. It is the pure symbol of a healthy life energy.

The Wurzilla fairytale trail is particularly aimed at families with children aged between four and ten years. At various stations, the children and their accompanying persons can learn about the story of the fir-root child "Wurzilla" in different sections. The encounters are naturally connected with the elements air, earth, fire, and water.

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