Sensorium Rüttihubelbad

A tour of discovery appealing to all your senses

The Rüttihubel (Sensorium) Route travels from Worb to the Sensorium in Rüttihubelbad, where an extraordinary sensory experience awaits you, before you continue on to Walkringen.

A short ride on the Rüttihubel (Sensorium) Route takes you from Worb to Rüttihubelbad, where the famous Sensorium is located, and on to Walkringen. The first thing you see in Worb is the lovely village church (PostBus stop Worb Dorf, Railway Station). The trip continues past medieval Worb Castle and a baroque palace (PostBus stop Worb, Bleiche). You could also walk from Worb to Walkringen. If you prefer to take it easier, you could ride the post bus to the PostBus stop Lindhalde and continue on foot from there.

After passing Enggistein you will get to Rüttihubelbad (PostBus stop Enggistein, Rüttihubelbad/Sensorium). The Sensorium is an incredible experience with 80 different stations where all your senses will come alive. From here you can take a post bus or hike along the Moospfad path. The trail leads through the Walkringen-Wikartswilmoos nature area and to the railway station in Walkringen, the home of Dällenbach Kari, a legendary town character. Various information panels on the trail offer interesting facts about the region. With a little luck, you might catch a glimpse of a fox, a grey heron, or a red kite. You will also pass Wikartswil. Its rustic village center and stunning views are delightful. The pretty village of Walkringen also offers a variety of hiking trails to choose from.

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Explore the area of the Rüttihubel (Sensorium) Route on foot on the Trans Swiss Trail

or on the well-marked hiking trail system

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