“Parkin Not dal Mot”

A world-renowned artist, a sunny mountain plateau and traditional architecture. The village of Sent in the Lower Engadine valley is a combination of these attributes.

Sent in the Engadine valley is beautifully situated on a sunny plateau high above the Inn River at an altitude of 1440 meters above sea level. A major attraction in this village is the “Parkin Not dal Mot”. This park at the western end of Sent was designed by Not Vital, a local, world-renowned artist. His art, his structural creations and sculptures are on exhibit in the park. The Sent tourist office arranges guided tours every week throughout the summer. The village itself is also noteworthy for its architecture with the typical Sent gables as well as the prominent village church and the unusual bell tower. Sent can be reached by postbus from Scuol within only a few minutes.


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Photo: Andrea Badrutt, Chur