Snowshoe hike to Chäserstatt

Experience a tranquil winter landscape in the Binntal Nature Park.

Reach Mühlebach from Fiesch by Postbus in max. 27 minutes, changing in Ernen. You can then hike from Mühlebach towards Chäserstatt via the signposted snowshoe trail, discovering the varied flora and fauna of the Binntal Nature Park. 

After your ascent you can enjoy a fondue meal at the Chäserstatt mountain hotel at 1,777 metres. while savouring a unique panoramic view of the entire Rhone valley.

After some refreshments, you can spend the night at the mountain hotel and watch a breathtaking sunrise the next morning, or hike the same way back to Mühlebach.


Remain on the trail for the entire hike and observe the off-limit wilderness zones.

The Chäserstatt mountain hotel is closed every Monday and Tuesday.
Annual holidays from 2 November 2021 until 25 December 2021.

+41 27 971 23 98

Winter special gourmet menu at the Chäserstatt mountain hotel 
Period: 26 December 2021 to 17 April 2022
Five-course gourmet surprise evening menu
incl. one or two nights at the hotel
One night from CHF 220 per person
Two nights from CHF 340 per person
Enjoy a gastronomic treat in a secluded mountain destination!

Journey Details

Duration 4 hours
Difficulty medium
Distance 2.3 Kilometres
Arrival You can access this winter hiking trail with the following routes: 12.652 and 12.655
Return travel 12.652 and 12.655

Round trip: 4 hours

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