Snowshoe hiking tour to Rägeflüeli

Discover the Eigenthal valley on snowshoes

It is probably the most beautiful snowshoe tour in the Eigenthal valley, leading up to the Rägeflüeli. At an altitude of 1582 metres above sea level, this Alpine foothill summit offers a fantastic view of the Pilatus chain, the city of Lucerne and the Lucerne midlands as far as the Jura chain and the Rigi summit.

You start at the final stop Eigenthal, Talboden of PostBus routes 71 (Lucerne-Eigenthal) or 211 (Malters-Eigenthal). 
A level warm-up section leads via Gantersei to Buechsteg. This is where the 600-metre ascent begins. In open terrain or in the forest, the varied route passes the alps of Unter and Ober Honegg. A well-earned break is called for at Alp Gumm at the latest - the bench outside the house is a welcome invitation. From here you can admire the impressive Pilatus chain, but also our ultimate destination, the Rägeflüeli. After about ¾ hours we find ourselves on the mountain top, ready to sign the summit book.
From the lowlands or the city of Lucerne, the Rägeflüeli is not particularly noticeable. On the other hand, the visitors are amazed at the wonderful view this inconspicuous summit offers! The descent leads back to the starting point on the same route. 

Journey Details

Duration 5 hours
Difficulty difficult
Distance 10.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 653 Metres
Arrival PostBus final stop Eigenthal, Talboden
Return travel PostBus final stop Eigenthal, Talboden

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Timetable no. 60.211
Timetable no. 60.071

Arrival: from Lucerne train station by postbus no. 71 to the final stop Eigenthal, Talboden (duration 33 min.) or from Malters, Bahnhof by postbus no. 211 to the final stop Eigenthal, Talboden (duration 23 min.).

Route open all year


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