Entlebuch biosphere


The Sörenberg route travels through the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere and the impressive Lamm Gorge to Sörenberg, before reaching the car park of Glaubenbielen. Far from tourist crowds, this area offers plenty of outdoor activities: 
whether it’s the energetic or fairytale hiking route, the Kneipp facilities or the Mooraculum children’s moorland playground, satellite-guided hiking or guided excursions, visitors are given a huge choice.

The 241 Sörenberg route leaves Schüpfheim for Flühli and then Sörenberg, stopping at the Rothorn Railway, before continuing on to Glaubenbielen (car park). In combination with the 363 PostBus route to Glaubenbielen, Mörlialp-Giswil car park, this is a wonderful panoramic journey for lovers of public transport that takes in an entire excursion area and hiking landscape. The 363 route operates from 13 June to 1 November.

Each stage of the journey is worth a stopover. Schüpfheim and Flühli are members of the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere association of municipalities, as well as the starting point for numerous hiking trails and leisure activities. Further information about Entlebuch culture can be found in the Entlebucherhaus, a museum of local history, in Schüpfheim (PostBus stop Schüpfheim, Bahnhof). 

In Flühli, you will find one of the most enjoyable Kneipp facilities in Switzerland (Schwandalpweiher Kneipp). The history of Flühli glass is also explained along the glass trail (PostBus stop Flühli, Post).

Sörenberg is the most popular sports facility and family destination at the foot of the Brienz Rothorn mountain and the largest winter sports region in the canton of Lucerne with ski slopes as far as the summit (PostBus stop Sörenberg, Rothornbahn). During the summer, a number of mountain bike tours and hikes, for example on the Schrattenfluh mountain, are possible from the Rothorn summit. The Rossweid region promises a particularly fascinating “Mooraculum” experience for visitors. The largest moorland adventure park in the Alps takes a fun and playful approach and provides visitors with plenty of background information on the topic of moorlands (stop: Sörenberg, Post, continuing with the cable car to Rossweid).

A wonderful panoramic view awaits at the Glaubenbielen Pass. Giswil is the starting point for excursions to the surrounding mountains (PostBus stop, Giswil, Bahnhof) and the varied skiing and hiking region of Mörlialp (PostBus stop Giswil, Mörlialp).


  • The cultural heritage of Entlebuch, from the rural landscape to the valuable exhibits depicting Flühli glasswork, in the Entlebucherhaus in Schüpfheim. 
  • Probably the most enjoyable Kneipp facilities in Switzerland, the Schwandalpweiher Kneipp Experience in Flühli.
  • The Mooraculum moorlands in the Rossweid region above Sörenberg.
  • Panoramic trip from Sörenberg, over the Glaubenbielen Pass as far as Giswil. All of which is possible with a combination of PostBus routes 241 and 363. 
  • Crossing the Brienz Rothorn: take the cable car from Sörenberg to the summit, then switch to the steam-driven Rothhornbahn railway car (June to October) for the steep descent to Brienz.
  • Large selection of hiking trails

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Hourly train connections from Berne or Lucerne to Schüpfheim. PostBus route 241 from the Schüpfheim, Bahnhof stop 


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