Sole Uno Wellness World in Rheinfelden

Sweating, swimming, chilling out

A relaxing yet refreshing way to relax: an impressive sauna programme, water parks and healthy natural saltwater from the depths of Rheinfelden make Sole Uno the perfect way to spend your free time. 

Wellness and spa culture are top priorities at the Sole Uno Park Resort in Rheinfelden. The natural saltwater that comes from the depths of Rheinfelden is considered to have healing properties. With 12% salt content in the intensive saltwater pool, floating in Fricktal is an experience similar to that of the Dead Sea. The SalzReich and Sole Vitality Bath invite you to breathe deeply and reenergize. 

In addition to the healing saltwater, there is also an emphasis on versatile sauna treatments. Sauna fans will enjoy the Finnish ground sauna with its blazing fire, as well as the Russian banja. Massages and other treatments can also be booked to personalize your stay at Sole Uno. 

The impressive spa resort not only provides an excellent opportunity to relax, but also gives you plenty to get excited about. Dive into the 40-degree “Feuerbad” pool or cool down in the 15-degree ice bath (“Eisbad”); enjoy the feeling of tropical rain and alpine waterfalls on your skin. Together with the sensory showers and aromatic steam baths, guests can expect a variety of recreational offers here.

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Bad Rheinfelden AG
Roberstenstrasse 31
4310 Rheinfelden

Opening hours

sole uno täglich 8.00 - 22.30 Uhr

Letzter Eintritt 20.30 Uhr

Ende Bade- und Saunazeit 22.00 Uhr

Massage-Lounge täglich 9.00 - 21.30 Uhr

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86 Rheinfelden, Bahnhof from 12/12/2021 to 12/10/2022