Special ticket Sörenberg–Kemmeriboden

Hike through the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere

Arriving by BLS and PostBus, you will pass through beautiful Entlebuch on your way to Sörenberg, which is at the center of the first UNESCO biosphere reserve in Switzerland. Moorland landscapes, rugged karst formations and wild mountain streams offer an unforgettable experience of nature. To top it all off, enjoy a delicious meringue at the Kemmeriboden-Bad Hotel.

Benefit from an attractive round-trip ticket with this excursion tip, including all necessary modes of transport (BLS, PostBus and cable car), not to mention an exquisite meringue.

Site temporarily closed!

The storm on 4 July 2022 left destruction in its wake. The hotel and restaurant were completely flooded. The Landgasthof will be temporarily closed until the end of July. We cannot make any further forecasts at this stage.

The hiking trails in the region have also been flooded. They will be closed for an indefinite period and are inaccessible.

The easy hike is also very suitable for families and starts on the Rossweid, which you can reach conveniently by cable car from Sörenberg. From Sörenberg, the cable car takes you up to the Rossweid. Before starting your hike, why not spend a while at the Rossweid event restaurant, ideal for young and old alike. After this short break, you can start the impressive hike from the Rossweid via Salwideli across the moorlands of national importance. Follow the marked route towards Salwideli/Kemmeribodenbad. With the gnarled mountain pines and beautiful orchids, you’ll be immediately transported into another world. Up to the Schneeberg, you’ll have a view of the impressive step flanks of the Brienzergrat and the karst rock formations of the Schrattenfluh, before you head into the forest and hike down towards Kemmeriboden-Bad. To top it all off, you can enjoy the famous Kemmeriboden meringue at the Kemmeriboden-Bad Hotel.

Sörenberg webcam

The special ticket «Sörenberg–Kemmeriboden» includes the following

  • Postbus Schüpfheim-Sörenberg/Kemmeriboden-Bad-Escholzmatt
  • BLS stretch Escholzmatt–Schüpfheim
  • Gondola Sörenberg–Rossweid
  • A portion of meringue at the Kemmeriboden-Bad Hotel or a meringue gift package from the hotel shop to take away
Category Price
Adult CHF 39.00
Adult with half-fare travelcard and children up to the age of 16 CHF 25.00
GA Travelcard CHF 16.00
The special ticket “Sörenberg – Kemmeriboden” is available from
- BLS-Webshop
- PostBus on routes 60.241 (Schüpfheim ‒ Sörenberg) and 60.251 (Escholzmatt ‒ Kemmeriboden)
- At the counter of the Sörenberg ‒ Rossweid mountain railway


  • Rossweid experience restaurant
  • Mooraculum adventure park
  • Berggasthaus Salwideli
  • View over the impressive Schrattenfluh
  • Hotel Landgast Kemmeribodenbad
  • Kemmeriboden-Meringue

Journey details

Duration 2 hours 30 min
Difficulty easy
Distance 9.2 Kilometres
Arrival To get there, take the BLS route from Lucerne or Berne to Schüpfheim. Change there to Postbus route 241 to Sörenberg, Post. A short walk takes you to the valley station of the cable car to Rossweid. This is where the hike starts.
Return travel Postbus route 251 runs from Kemmeribodenbad to Escholzmatt, Bahnhof. Change there to the BLS for your journey home.

Additional information

Timetable / travel information

You will find the entire Swiss public transport timetable online here.

Timetable no. 60.241 Schüpfheim–Flühli–Glaubenbielen (Sörenberg line)

Timetable no. 60.251 Escholzmatt–Wiggen–Marbach–Schangnau–Kemmeriboden (Marbach–Kemmeriboden line) 

Postbus routes 241 Schüpfheim–Flühli–Glaubenbielen (Sörenberg line) and 251 Escholzmatt–Marbach–Schangnau–Kemmeriboden run all year round

Special comments:

The Sörenberg–Kemmeriboden special ticket is available from 26 May to 23 October 2022.

Sörenberg–Rossweid cable car operates daily from 8.15 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.

Kemmeriboden-Bad Hotel

Mon: closed

Tue–Sat: 11.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. (exception: closed Tue, 7 June 2022)

Sun: 11.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The meringue cannot be eaten on site on days when the hotel is closed. However, it is possible to take home a meringue package from the hotel shop. 


For groups of 10 or more people reservations are obligatory and must be made by latest 4.00 p.m. the day before. Tel.0848 100 222

Bicycle transport

No bicycle transport fixtures available in/on the vehicle

Wheelchair accessibility

Limited wheelchair access to the postbus

Registration by phone on 0848 100 222

Contact details


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6174 Sörenberg