Stallerberg / Flüeseen

Hiking tip: Stallerberg / Flüeseen

From Juf the trail goes east, following the Treia upstream as far as the shoulder of the Stallerberg (2,579 m), where you can enjoy superb views of the surrounding mountains.

Take the postbus for a pleasant ride from Andeer to Juf, all the way at the end of the Avers Valley and Europe’s highest year-round populated village. At 2126 m, Juf is located above the tree line.  

Hiking tour: The entire route offers an exceptional variety in flora and fauna. Accompanied by the sounds of whistling marmots, you start out in Juf and head east, climbing steeply uphill, in the direction of the Treia creek to the saddle of Stallerberg (2579 m). Enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and back to the Avers Valley from there. As you continue, you will recognize the road across the Julier Pass far in the distance. Later, you will pass some moor areas which are followed by the steep descent via Plan Tguils to Bivio (1769 m). 


A short detour to the Flüeseen tarns at 2,682 m is certainly worth the effort.

Hiking time

approx. 3½ hrs. approx. 4½ hrs. via Flüeseen

Return journey

By Postbus (timetable 90.182) from Bivio to Tiefencastel or all the way to Chur, and by train to Thusis.

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Timetable no. 90.552

Route open all year


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  • Timetable 90.552:
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  • Timetable 90.182:
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