Stelsersee / Chrüz

Hiking tip: Stelsersee/Chrüz

The last ice age created the conditions for the formation of Stelsersee. Today this small mountain lake is notable for its rich flaura and fauna. It is a protected area.


By Postbus to St. Antönien Platz

Timetable 90.222

The hike

Starting from the post office, this route takes you along the village street to the outlying houses. At the first junction, you will need to take the road to Aschüel (1,607 m). The trail takes you through a scattering of trees and up onto Alp Valpun. The route continues across flower-covered alpine meadows and up to the col, from where you will have a spectacular view of the Vordere Prättigau region. The descent takes you past the Stelsersee (1,668 m, nature reserve) and along the gentle Stelserberg ridge to Mottis.

Hiking time

approx. 3½ hrs.

Alternative route

Head east from Alp Valpun up a rather steep trail to Chrüz (2,196 m). The climb is rewarded by a breathtaking panorama. Stunning views across the entire Prättigau Valley, St. Antönien and the Rätikon mountain range await. The descent takes you past Stelsersee and on to Mottis.

Hiking time

approx. 4½ hrs.

Return journey

By Postbus from Stels/Mottis to Schiers

Timetable 90.212

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Timetable no. 90.222

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