Stockalper Route

Simplon Pass–Simplon Dorf

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The former mule track between Brig and Gondo offers an exciting hiking adventure.

The trail was built by Kaspar Stockalper in the 17th century and provided a safe commercial route across the Alps. The Ecomuseum Simplon foundation reactivated the mule track and made it the cornerstone of its open-air museum. It is listed in the network of Cultural Routes of Switzerland as ViaStockalper.

Route: Simplon Pass–Simplon Dorf

Hiking time: 2 hrs 30 mins
Difference in altitude: ↑ 160 m ↓ 525 m
Length: 9 km

Stockalper ticket

- With the purchase of a Stockalper ticket we offer a 20% discount on postbus travel from the starting destination (on the Simplon Line) to Gondo (round trip)
- Free entrance to the Ecomuseum Simplon-Dorf

The ticket can be purchased from the driver. Tickets available on the Simplon Line.

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