Summer tobogganing on Flumserberg

FLOOMZER for adults and kids

The “FLOOMZER” toboggan run on Flumserberg is a whopping two kilometres long. It promises a rush of adrenalin and is bound to make your hair stand on end.

Enjoy the fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes –  right in the heart of Flumserberg’s spectacular landscape. At 250 metres above sea-level, the child-friendly “FLOOMZER” makes for a thrilling ride.

Starting at Chrüz mountain station (1,600 m), this safe, modern toboggan run follows winding tracks right through the Flumserberg mountain landscape and down to Restaurant Kabinenbahn (1,350 m), guaranteeing a breath-taking ride with spectacular views. The 247-metre schuss comprises three loops, numerous bends, jumps, bridges, twisters, waves and even two tunnels, putting a smile on everyone’s face. The “FLOOMZER” ride can be incorporated into a hike from Prodalp or Maschgenkamm – a real hiking incentive for families.

Spectacular views

The toboggan run is situated in the heart of an unspoiled natural landscape, offering views of the seven peaks of the Churfirsten mountain range. From the starting ramp, you have an unobstructed view down to Walensee lake and in good weather, you can even make out Lake Zurich and the Rapperswil dam.

Safe fun

The “FLOOMZER” is an Alpine Coaster product. The toboggans are securely attached to the tracks. Passengers can control their speed using the two large brake levers. On reaching the maximum speed of 40 km/h, the automatic centrifugal brake is activated. On FLOOMZER you can find out, from hat time to what time the toboggan run is open.

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Timetable no. 80.441 Sargans–Flums–Flumserberg Tannenbodenalp (Flumserberg Route)

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