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On the way up to the Susten Pass, the Postbus crosses no fewer than 25 bridges and travels through 25 tunnels. 

The Susten Pass connects the canton of Uri with the canton of Bern. The 45-kilometre-long mountain pass is one of the newer passes in the Swiss Alps. It was only built between 1938 and 1945. The pass is mainly used by tourists and is generally only open from June to October.

Shortly after departure in Meiringen, you will reach the Aare Gorge (PostBus stop Aareschlucht, Ost). A 1,400-metre-long and 200-metre-deep natural wonder. You can wander over the walkways and through the tunnels on a safe and easy hike through the imposing gorge, lasting around 45 minutes.

South of the Susten Pass, the famous Stein Glacier is waiting to be discovered (PostBus stop Steingletscher, Susten). It is 4.3 km long and covers an area of almost 8 km². When the glacier retreated in the mid-19th century, the Steinsee lake formed in the plain of the former glacier tongue.

The Schöllenen Gorge with the Devil’s Bridge and the Suvorov memorial are the other highlights that the mountain pass has to offer. A striking image of the devil painted in red in 1950 by the Uri artist Heinrich Danioth is emblazoned on the rock face above the legendary Devil’s Bridge. The large Suvorov memorial carved in stone near the Devil’s Bridge commemorates the battles that took place in the Schöllenen Gorge in 1799. It is dedicated to the Russian general Alexander Suvorov and his fallen soldiers.

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