Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach

A visit to the world of birds

Visit the Ornithological Institute and become one of the birds: first, you get banded and then you experience Switzerland from a bird’s eye view.

You have never experienced the world of Swiss birds like this: Before visiting the exhibit, you will be banded, just like a bird, hatch out of a giant egg like a chick and land in a bird’s nest where you start your journey through the life of a bird. The ring on your finger registers your interests and preferences in the exhibit. Based on this information, you receive a personal bird profile at the end of your visit and leave the exhibit for example as a crested tit, a bearded vulture or a moorhen.

You can also accompany the native birds on an amazing cinematic voyage through Switzerland or learn about the world of bird sounds in the mechanical “Singphony” theatre.

The wildlife garden on the shores of Lake Sempach with two aviaries, a coffee bar and a shop is a pleasant place to spend some time. The visitor centre is located in a mud-walled house - a trailblazing eco-construction. In 2017 it received the Special Commendation for Sustainability from the European Museum of the Year Award EMYA 2017.

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Swiss Ornithological Institute
Kantonsstrasse 6
6204 Sempach