Tell-Museum Bürglen UR

William Tell’s chamber of treasures and wonders

No other Swiss historical figure has had a more lasting effect on the people of Switzerland than Wilhelm Tell.

Bailiff Gessler ruled the country in 1300 and demanded high taxes from the peasants and tradesmen. Gessler had a hut built in Altdorf, before which each person was supposed to bow down as a sign of submission. William Tell refused to do so and, as punishment, was forced to shoot an apple off the head of his son, Walter, using a crossbow. He managed to do so, but was arrested for threatening Gessler with death. On the road to Gessler’s castle in Küssnacht, William Tell was able to escape during a storm. He lay in wait for the bailiff in the “Hohle Gasse” alleyway and shot and killed Gessler from behind. This was the turning point for early Switzerland to free itself from Habsburg rule and Tell became a national hero as a result.

Visit the extensive and amazing museum collection, spanning six centuries, about the life of freedom fighter Tell. The Tell Museum is located in Wattigwilerturm, a 13 thcentury tower, featuring documents, illustrations, art and historical items related to Wilhelm Tell. Close to the museum, at the site where his house once stood, is Tell’s Chapel, built in 1582. Come visit us and follow in Wilhelm Tell’s footsteps. We look forward to seeing you!


  • Tell Museum in Wattigwilerturm
  • Charming village of Bürglen (Canton of Uri)
  • Tell’s chapel
  • Tellsplatte (“Tell’s slab”) by Lake Lucerne
  • Schächental mountain trail
  • Klausen Pass route

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Return The return journey is made from the “Bürglen UR, Post” stop on Postbus route 408 to “Flüelen, Bahnhof” (station) stop, and then changing to a train or ferry back to Lucerne.

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Bürglen Tell Museum 
6463 Bürglen UR

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