Thurauen Nature Center, Flaach

Beavers, kingfishers and golden orioles?

Thurauen, in the Zürcher Weinland, is the largest protected wetland nature reserve in Central Switzerland. The renatured area is home to incredible biodiversity. With binoculars and a little luck, visitors to the reserve can observe rare animals from the adventure trail.

Protected wetlands are vital for plant and animal life. In the Thur wetlands, at the confluence of the Thur and the Rhine, the rivers and their tributaries constantly change the landscape, creating the basis of life for a great diversity of species in a very small area.

A permanent exhibition at the Nature Center informs visitors about the renaturation of the Thur, its biodiversity and species protection. An adventure trail through the wetland forest leads partly over boardwalks through a mystical natural landscape that has been left to its own devices.

With a little luck and patience, you might spot a rare tree frog or completely peaceful grass snake. Don't forget your binoculars!

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Naturzentrum Thurauen
Steubisallmend 3
8416 Flaach