Thusis–Mutten Route

Thusis–Mutten–Obermutten (Summer)

The Thusis–Mutten Route takes you from Thusis along the Via Mala Gorge to the unique Walser settlement of Mutten and even up to Obermutten, home of Switzerland’s only church made entirely of wood (and Europe’s highest wood church).

On the old Walser trail, the ascent to Obermutten can also be done on foot. From Thusis, the path first leads up to the castle ruins of Hohen Rätien and onwards to the rock paintings of Crap Carschenna. The mountain trail then continues uphill to Crocs and through the species-rich dry meadows of the Mutten Mountains and to the beautifully located village of Obermutten. Hiking time: 5 hours, ascent: 1,360 meters, descent: 190 meters, distance: 9.5 kilometers.

Take the postbus back to Thusis, or enjoy a delicious Walser dinner and spend the night at the Gasthaus Post in Obermutten. In the morning, set out on the Walser trail again and hike to Obersamest and from there via Samest down to Zillis-Reischen. Enjoy the views across to Schamserberg and the villages of Lohn, Mathon and Wergenstein dominated by Piz Beverin, which lent its name to the new nature park. At Zillis, St. Martin’s Church, also called “The Sixtine of the Alps”, awaits you with its world-famous painted ceiling. Also visit the permanent exhibition about the church at Postplatz or extend your hike to the legendary Via Mala gorge or all the way to Thusis. Hiking time: Obermutten–Zillis: 3 hours, ascent: 250 meters, descent: 1,140 meters, distance: 12 kilometers, easy mountain hike. Of course, the hike can also be done in the opposite direction.

Both tours are mountain trails, and on some sections a secure step is required. Suitable, weatherproof equipment is highly recommended. Hiking times are purely indicative and do not take into account any breaks taken to eat, rest or visit a cultural site.

Postbus also takes you to Obermutten in winter. Two ski lifts, a snow sports school, a natural ice rink, a short skating track and plenty of unspoilt countryside for snowshoeing invite you to enjoy and dream.

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