Thusis–Splügen–S. Bernardino Route

Thusis–Splügen–S. Bernardino (Splügen–San Bernardino Route)

The Thusis-Splügen–S. Bernardino (Splügen–San Bernardino Route) leads from Thusis via Splügen and via San Bernardino to Bellinzona. Experience the untamed Via Mala Gorge, the mountains around San Bernardino Pass and the Misox Valley.

The Thusis–Splügen–S. Bernardino (Splügen–San Bernardino Route) leads from Thusis across San Bernardino Pass to the Misox Valley and on to Bellinzona. The roaring waters of the Via Mala Gorge are a sight to behold. St. Martin in Zillis is a world-famous church (PostBus stop Zillis, Post Office). Relax in Andeer’s mineral baths and take a side trip to Juf, Europe‘s highest constantly inhabited village, or to the Marmot Path in Avers (change at PostBus stop Andeer, Post Office or Andeer, Tgavugl).

The road meanders through the wild Roffla Gorge up to Val Rheinwald. The Crestawald fortress museum is also worth seeing (PostBus stop Sufers). An intact village center and excellent snow conditions make Splügen an attractive destination (PostBus stop Splügen, Post Office). The mystical moors and harsh mountains on San Bernardino Pass with lovely Lake Moesola can be explored on different hiking trails and a discovery path explaining the region’s characteristics (PostBus stop San Bernardino, Ospizio).

San Bernardino village has an excellent ski area and an exciting rope park (PostBus stop San Bernardino, Post Office). Misox Valley is home to cultural treasures, such as San Martino church in Soazza (PostBus stop Soazza) or Mesocco’s castle (PostBus stop Mesocco, Railway Station). After Grono, the starting point for hikes into beautiful Val Calanca (PostBus stop Grono, Bivio Calanca), you will reach the valley floor. Bellinzona welcomes you with southern flair and three castles, all part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage.


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Reservations required for express routes no later than 1 hour before departure in Chur and Bellinzona. Tel. +41 58 341 34 87
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Reservations are required at 9.35 p.m., (bus-taxi, subject to special pricing). Reservations required no later than 9 p.m. Bus-taxi ,subject to special pricing; will operate only if passengers travel at Thusis Railway Station.
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Service across the pass from June to October only

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