Thusis–S. Bernardino–Mesocco

Take the San Bernardino route to the Misox Valley

This route (San Bernardino) starts in Thusis, goes through Splügen via San Bernardino, and ends in Mesocco. Discover the unspoiled Viamala Gorge, the mountain scenery around the Bernardino Pass and the Misox Valley. Enjoy all sorts of experiences all year round.

Starting off in Thusis, the S. Bernardino line runs from mid-June to mid-October, and goes through the San Bernardino Pass and on to the Misox Valley. Marvel at the crashing waters in the Vialama Gorge on your way to Thusis. The Church of St Martin in Zillis is world famous. Relax in the mineral baths in the spa town of Andeer and take a detour to Juf, the highest permanently inhabited settlement in Europe. Or why not try the marmot educational trail in Avers (change at the Postbus stop Andeer, posta or Andeer, Tgavugl).

The route winds further through the unspoiled Roffla Gorge up to the Rheinwald Valley. The Crestawald fortress museum is also well worth a visit (Postbus stop: Sufers). Splügen stands out with its pristine old town. You can explore the mystical moor landscape and the rugged mountain scenery on the San Bernardino Pass – also home to the beautiful Lake Moesola – on a number of hiking trails and a themed trail that takes in the unique scenery of the area (Postbus stop: San Bernardino, Ospizio).

A small but charming family ski resort awaits you in the village of San Bernardino, in addition to 33 km of cross-country ski tracks and a thrilling rope course (Postbus stop: San Bernardino,  Villaggio). The Misox Valley is home to some truly unique cultural gems, such as the Church of San Martino in Soazza and the castle in Mesocco (Postbus stop: Mesocco, Stazione). 

After Grono, the gateway to the unspoiled and romantic Val Calanca (Postbus stop: Grono, Bivio Calanca), you arrive in the bottom of the valley. Bellinzona welcomes you with its southern ambience, as well as three UNESCO World Heritage Site castles.

The PostBus network is set up so that you will find good connections in Mesocco to Grono, Castione and Bellinzona.

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