Ticket package Convent of St. Johann

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Save 20% each on postbus ticket and admission to the St. Johann Convent Museum. Discover 12 centuries of monastery, construction and art history.

Starting in the cloister, your museum visit takes you into the vast cellar of the 10th century Planta Tower and then continues to the three floors of the tower. As you go through the building you will be able to experience a „convent within the convent“. Along the way you will see reception and living areas, sleeping quarters and prayer areas, as well as the beautiful little Hohenbalken room, which dates from the Baroque period. Find out about archeological discoveries and admire some of the convent’s art history treasures and jewels. Visit the church of the convent, which harbours the world’s largest and best-preserved cycle of Carolingian and Romanesque paintings as well as the oldest statue of Charlemagne. Take some time to explore the Convent of St. Johann in Müstair – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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- PostBus ticket from anywhere within Graubünden to Müstair, Clostra Son Jon and back
- Voucher for admission to the St. Johann Convent Museum

  • Free admission for children up to 5 years
  • Passengers with a flat-fare pass (GA travelcard, 1-day travelpass, employee pass, Swiss Pass, general travelcard, etc.) can purchase the discounted admission from PostBus sales offices in Graubünden or from PostBus drivers (discounted combined admission not available directly on-site/from our partner)
  • Groups benefit from the regular discounts for groups of 10 and more on postbus tickets and admissions. Ticket and admission must therefore be purchased separately and are excluded from the ticket package.
  • The ticket package is available only at PostBus sales offices in Graubünden and from PostBus drivers

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Take the postbus to the Mustäir, Clostra Son Jon stop.


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Kloster St. Johann
Via Maistra
7537 Müstair

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