Treasure hunt trail Aeschi b. Spiez

Treasure hunt hike with the help of a treasure map

We are looking for clever treasure hunters who would like to walk the exciting treasure hunt trail in Aeschi. Twenty challenging riddles are to be solved. Who will join us?

A treasure is hidden in Aeschi waiting to be found. Treasure hunters from the age of 6 are invited to solve the 20 riddles along the trail with the help of the clues given. The trail takes you through the village, the meadows and the forests around Aeschi. The clues can be found near the houses of the village or out in nature. 

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Niesen and the blue shimmering Lake Thun while you rack your brains. For refreshment, treat yourself to a homemade ice cream in the Pension Sunnmatt.

Once all the riddles have been solved and the treasure chest is found, a reward awaits the young treasure hunters at the tourist office. Everyone can choose a small present and the answer card goes into the "Chäs-Chessi" (cheese kettle) at the tourist office for the main raffle at the end of the year. There are great prizes for the whole family to win. If the tourist office is closed, the completed reply card can be handed in at the entrance to the indoor swimming pool.

Journey Details

Duration 3 hours
Difficulty easy
Distance 2.7 Kilometres
Arrival With PostBus route 61/62 to Aeschi b. Spiez, Post.
Return travel With PostBus route 61/62 from Aeschi b. Spiez, Post to Spiez, Bahnhof. 

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Timetable / travel information

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Timetable no. 31.061 Spiez–Krattigen–Aeschi b. Spiez–Aeschiried (Route 61) or Spiez–Hondrich–Aeschi b. Spiez–Aeschiried (Route 62)

Route open all year

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