Trottinett Action Obersaxen

A fast-paced «Trottinett» scooter bike ride for the adventurous

Hiking is great fun, but sometimes it would be nice to go a bit faster.

The Obersaxen holiday region welcomes you to a stunning mountain landscape and invites you to leave the stress of everyday life behind you. Breathe in the pure mountain air and enjoy a fast-paced «Trottinett» scooter bike ride. This is just right for everyone who loves action, young and old alike.

Enjoy a new type of adrenalin rush. With suspension forks and front and rear brakes, Trottinetts are comfortable and completely road-worthy. The Trottinetts can be rented in Meierhof at the tourist office. Then you’re on your way via Canterdun to Tavanasa and along the Polenweg to Ilanz. You can hand in your Trottinett at the PostBus office and travel home by Postbus or on the Rhaetian Railway.


Trottinett in Obersaxen Mundaun


For groups of 10 people and more, reservations through Tel. +41 58 341 34 90
From 19.40: Mandatory reservations

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Photo: Surselva Tourismus AG